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The M Shift.

The second part of your shifting journey. 

All information is from The Siren's Cove, and its owner Iridessa, I do not own it.


ONCE YOU START THIS THERE IS NO GOING BACK. M-Shifting is the one thing that is going to tie you into being a mermaid forever. So before we do this, let's go over a checklist! 

1. Have you completed your F-shift? 
2. Are you ready to leave your human life behind? 
3. Are you ready to feel distanced from the mortal world? 
4. Are you ready to make the life changing decision that is being a mermaid? 

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, then keep reading. If not, then maybe being a mermaid isn't the right life path for you, or you're not ready for it.

The first thing we will need to do for an M-shift, is what I call the "acting method." It's really quite simple. All you do is "act" like a mermaid in typically cliche ways. This will just put you in the "mermaid mood." Here are some helpful tips: 
1. Try to leave your hair natural, don't straighten it every day, and try not to put it up in a ponytail. 
2. Switch to SmartWater or Fiji water bottles instead of Poland Spring. 
3. Hang up some pictures of mermaids or the ocean in your room. 
4. Visit the beach as much as possible. 
5. Buy some sea-like hair accessories like starfish and shells. 
6. Wear skirts instead of skinny jeans. 
7. Make a "Mermaid Playlist" for your computer. 
8. Watch some TV shows or movies about mermaids. 
9. Write in a journal every day "I am a mermaid" 15 times in the morning and 15 times before you go to bed. 

Do all these things, and you are one step closer to becoming a real life mermaid! The next thing you must do is meditate. Meditation is EXTREMELY powerful and has the abilities to give knowledge, cure disease, and just keep you all around balanced., Mediation techniques are listed under the meditation page. 

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