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P Shift Techniques

A list of various P shift techniques.

Unless stated otherwise, all techniques are from Majickally Shifted and it's owner Aisha.

Shifting Method #1

This method is one of the methods I came up with when I was first shifting. Many people have done this basic kind of method as well. So without further explanation, let's get started :)

"step/method one: there are many many methods for p-shifting, some include meditation, some include long periods of visualization, and some require you to focus and channel your energy! You can try and make your own method or combine some. Find what works best for you.

This method is dealing with focusing your energy and visualization.

first off, get comfy and relaxed from head to toe. depending on where you are in the shifting process, you may have to wear a big shirt or dress(no pants) so that you clothing doesn't interfere with you shifting. Make sure nobody is around to disturb you, and if it helps, play some nice calming music that reminds you of your mermaid and the sea...

Next, close your eyes and start focusing your energy to the tips of your toes. Begin to visualize your fluke forming to your desire. At this point you might just feel some pain in your feet and toes. Keep visualizing and focusing your energy on up your entire body. As you do this, keep feeling and visualizing the pain and discomfort as your mermaid self becomes physically tangible... physically real. Visualize your mermaid self coming to the surface. DO THIS SLOWLY, AND DO NOT RUSH YOURSELF. Try and actually feel the pain and the shift. This takes practice but it becomes easier the more you shift."

Shifting Method #2

The following method is one commonly used for F-shifting (fantasy shifting), but I find that it is very useful for P-shifting as well. Here I will tell you of my first F-shifting experience and how to incorporate that type of meditation into a P-shift :)

"I started off with waking up on the beach in normal human clothes and seeing a rock like altar. I walked over to it with a picture frame of my old school with friends on it in hand. At the alter, there were candles of red, violet, green, dark blue, and yellow(representing the five elements) as an offering. I then connected with the goddess Liban and offered her a promise. A promise that I would do all I can as a marine biologist and as of now to help contribute to help the ocean and its creatures. I heard some sort of sign of approval from Liban. She told me to do something. I remember the message vaguely. She said something like I shall answer your request as long as you keep your promise. I then spoke to her(through prayer) saying I will do all I can to protect the sea. I shall make sure I keep it clean with the help of many. I also remembered asking her if she could help me remember why I was so determined to do that in the first place. A feeling came over me, a feeling that I hadn't felt in quite a long time. It was the feeling of determination and something else I couldn't describe. It was the feeling I got when I went swimming or saw the sea or even a small fish swimming freely. It was a feeling of freedom and peace and calmness and even joy.

I then thanked Liban and walked over to the sand where I was laying and I dropped the candles. The flames went out(I had lit them at the alter before I connected to Liban) and the smoke lifted around me and circled me. I took in their scents. They smelled of the earth, the sun, the sea, and the sky.

I then looked at the picture. The picture of me in middle school with my old friends. Some of them still were my friends, but the moral of the pictures representation was the little things that seemed so important to humans. Things like money and materialistic things which truly had no value. I smashed the picture into the sand. The glass shattered, but the frame and photo stayed in tact. I then thought to myself,”I am no longer human. I know that some things are important like education and money to buy food, but I realize that there are more important things in life now. I then turned around and ran for the ocean. Everything seemed to go in slow motion at the moment.

I jumped through the air, ready to dive into the sea, then I took a good, seemingly long, look at my reflection in the water. I had curly, shoulder length hair, and I was only wearing a top from what I could see. I was wearing no glasses, but everything was clear. As I entered the water, I felt my legs no more. They were one, they had elongated and were powerful.

I was swimming for what seemed only minutes, but before I knew it, time had fast forwarded and I saw myself as If I were having an O.B.E.. 

I was an adult. I seemed to be older than 24 but younger than 30. I had seen myself age slowly in those few minutes. My hair had grown from shoulder length down to my tail bone. My tail had gotten longer, I looked older in the sense that I was no longer a child. I could see the maturity in my eyes and the graceful aging in my face. I was swimming and I saw my new life. I saw myself letting go of my entire human life to an extent. I only came on land to fund for marine conservation projects and for business reasons. That and to see my family and friends. But I didn't need to do that, I was doing it because I had remembered my promise to Liban and ultimately, the promise to myself. I was helping make the world a better place.

Shifting Method #3

Step 1: Begin thinking of the ocean as usual. Feel the salt on your skin, the waves lapping over your feet. Let this feeling overcome you.

Step 2: Now, visualize yourself as a clay mold in human form on a sculpters table. Imagine that the artist is molding you into your mermaid (or merman!) form. 

Visualize him/or her sculpting your spine so that it elongates down into your tail. Visualize them molding your legs together and combinging the legs bones, webbed hands, hair, etc. etc.

Make sure to take as much time as you need to when it comes to this. Take the time to  recall everything in your f-shift that you need as a merperson, and bring it to life as you visualize yourself being made into your mermaid self.

Step 3: Now that you are completely carved as the clay mold and dried and whatnot, imagine the artist painting you (with paint or glaze, whatever you prefer) from head to toe. 

Step 4: Finally, one the artist has finished painting you, imagine your clay mold self comming to life again and jumping into the sea.

You can use your imagination from this point on as you imagine yourself in the sea :D

Shifting Method #4 (owned by the TOG site, created by Isole) 

When you attempt to shift your tail, imagine yourself sitting on a beach naked, with a wave coming towards you. For every inch of your body it covers, imagine that part of your body it touches becomes a part of your tail. For example, when it touches your feet, imagine them merging together and becoming your fluke.

Technique for shifting scales: (owned by the TOG site, created by Isole) When you attempt to shift scales, imagine yourself sitting on a beautiful beach, while it's raining. Every time a raindrop hits your legs, imagine it glowing whatever color your tail is and as the glow dims down, a scale starts to form, and so on. 

Technique for shifting webbed fingers: (owned by the TOG site, created by Isole) When you attempt to shift webbed fingers, imagine your hands are laying in a small pond, surrounded by lovely colors and beautiful fish. picture any kind of colored glow surrounding your hands, growing bigger and bigger until it completely covers your hands. As the light dims away, the webbing starts to grow. It is best to have your hands in water for this technique. 

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