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M Shift Meditations 

A list of different m shift techniques

Unless stated otherwise, these techniques belong to The Siren's Cove, and it's owner Iridessa.

M-Shift Meditation #1: This technique should be the first you try. It is custom made by Anna Lemuria with love. <3 

Get comfortable, and in a quiet space where you won't be bothered. After getting into ze zone repeat, "Oh mermaid side of me, show yourself through what I do and speak." As you repeat this, imagine the sea washing over you. (In fact, you can have ocean wave music playing on your iPod.) And just like Ariel transforms into glittery foam when she gets legs, imagine that happening to you, with the full moon shining down on you. The key here is visualization. When the moon is shining upon you say, "Oh moon, you hold the powerful energies within us mermaids, release your power, come to me, so I can finally be the creature never seen under the deep blue sea." Then it shines. Imagine you jumping into the ocean, and swimming in the clear crisp water. When you are done, return to the shore and say, "As I got back and fourth in my forms, may both sides be always balanced as one." Slowly come out of the meditation.

M-Shift Meditation #2: Get in a comfortable position preferebly in water. If you are in the ocean, you may wear pants, because this is not a P-Shifting technique. Clear your mind, and feel the water all around your body. Feel the currents, and slight movements against your skin. Once you are in a deep state of relaxation, call the water to you. Ask it to change who you are. Ask it to change you into a mermaid. Will the water's energy into your soul. Imagine it swirling through your body, and fusing with your DNA. Visualize your body, mind, and spirit becoming one with the water. Then repeat to yourself, "I am a mermaid."

M-Shift Meditation #3 : This one requires a little more effort but is very effective. For this you must Astral Shift, and once you are on the Astral plane, you visualize a mirror. Look into it. You see your inner mer-self in the mirror, see everything that you put into your F-Shift. Taking your silver chord that connects you to your physical human body, you connect it to your mer body. You can essentially switch places, and ascend with your mermaid self.

M - Shifting Meditation #4:

( This is very effective and may cause an M - Flare)

1. Lay down on your bed or sit up on your bed with your legs crossed

2. Close your eyes and slow your breathing, taking longer and deeper breaths

3. Start from your feet and slowly work your way up your body, spending roughly 10-20 seconds on each body part, letting it go relaxed and feeling it disassociate from the rest of your body

4. Visualize yourself as a mermaid in front of you

5. Slowly start to feel as though your mermaid senses are transferring from your mermaid self to you. Perhaps you start with the sense of smell, then sight, then taste, then sounds, then touch

6. Manifest the image of the body of water you wish to live in, be it the open ocean, the arctic, the tropics, or what have you

7. Put yourself in your mermaid form in your mind, looking through their eyes, and swim forward, taking in all the sights, sounds, smells, and other stimuli your environment has to offer

8. One of the hardest steps is to force yourself to look around. But turn your head (in your mind) and view more than what is in front of you

9. Feel your mer-self inside. Feel its energy flowing inside of you. Feel like you're at home in this body

10. If you feel yourself starting to shake, or that you feel something wants to get out, let yourself succumb to the feeling. Release the energy any way you can, be it vocalizations, shaking or twitching, but keep yourself where you are

11. Keep pushing this feeling until you suddenly feel light, or simply released. Once you do, feel yourself move about in that environment some more. 

12. When you're ready to end your mental shift, focus on human thoughts, human feelings, human problems, just anything to bring your humanity back to you. It may take you a few minutes to an hour (or even longer) to come back, it just depends on how intense your shift was.

M-Shift Technique : The 5 Senses : One way to help be in a CONSTANT M-shift, is to heighten your 5 senses with elements of the sea. How you may ask? Simple. Follow these 5 steps, to introduce the element of the ocean into your every day life. 

1. Sight: Transform your bedroom or shifting area into a mermaids' paradise. That means with pictures of the sea, pictures of mermaids, pictures of sea creatures, everywhere. Hang some pretty blue lights or lanterns, and add some seashells to your dresser. Buy a wind chime, pearls, a fishing net, and turn your bedroom into Ariel's Grotto. :)

2. Smell: This part is tricky, because getting your room to smell like the ocean will take some experimenting with different candles. Most candles are labeled with a scent, so try to find ones like "Ocean Breeze" or "Beach Day". You could also buy incense. If you like the smell of fresh seaweed, it is often sold in the seafood area of supermarkets.

3. Touch: Get some sand (from the beach or the store) and put it in a shallow dish. Put some seashells in. Keep it by your bedside. This is actually a form of stress relief in China, called the Sand Garden.

4. Sound: Take 5 minutes out of your day, and clear your mind and reflect. Play on loop the sound of the oceans waves. Also, make a "mermaid playlist" of songs that remind you of mermaids, and put it on your iPod.

5. Taste: Buy filtered water, and add a pinch of salt to it.

M-Shift Technique: Converse With A Mermaid Image:

Step 1: Print out a picture of what YOU expect yourself to look like in mermaid form. 

Step 2: Place the mermaid image you have in front of you. Close your eyes and take slow deep breaths, focusing your attention on the rise and fall of your chest. 

Step 3: Slowly open your eyes and look at the image you have chosen. Study the image carefully. Take note in the mermaid's facial expression, her posture, and her tail. 

Step 4: Close your eyes again, and imagine that image coming to life.

Step 5: Focus on the aspect of the mermaid as you open your eyes. 

Step 6: Ask the image what you would like it to tell you, possibly about how to further your shifting, or any questions you have about mermaids. When words start to flow, take your notebook, and write down whatever comes without stopping to read what you have read. 

Step 7: Take the time to go in deeper. Ask detailed questions. ( You are asking another version of yourself - your mermaid self to unveil the truths of how to reach your mermaid goal. ) 

Step 8: When you have explored fully the aspect of this image, then you may stop. But first ask the image as a whole who you are meant to be. You can even ask about your mermaid name. 

Step 9: When you are done, take a minute to reflect on the answers you have received from your inner mermaid self.

M shift technique #5 (owned by the TOG site, created by Isole): 

With this technique, you should imagine nothing but a clear, empty, ocean (think where the trident was held in mako mermaids). Imagine yourself sitting cross legged on the ocean floor. Breathe in and out, relax your body. After you are fully relaxed, imagine a yellow ball of light slowly forming in front of you. Swim towards it, touch it. Once you do, imagine it bursting open, millions of sea creatures flying out of it. Imagine then twirling around your body like a graceful tornado. Feel your connection with them, and the water around them. As you slowly co,me out of the meditation, repeat this phrase 4 times. "The ocean is my home, the water is my friend." 

The M-Flare:

The M-Flare is referred to the PNR (Point of No Return) in many therian communities. This is when your otherkin side fully takes over, and you lose all sense of humanity. This is extremely dangerous, because it may be very hard, almost impossible to come back. You don't want to lose balance, it can prevent you from succesfully shifting.

But not only that. KissingMidnight eventually lost all her humanity, and returned to the sea with no warning. Now I know that most of you plan to return to the sea once you get your tails. But doing so before you get your tail could be very dangerous. 

The M-Flare can also lead to severe depression. The more in tune with your mermaid soul you become, the more you lose touch with your human soul. If you are stuck in the human world, stuck in school, stuck with the same mundane routine, and you long for the sea and you feel the pain in your heart, you will become severely depressed. 

The following technique was made by me (Isole): 

I imagine in an empty ocean with no fish, or anything, just water all around me. Have you ever seen mako mermaids? You know where the trident was being kept surrounded by all that water? That's what it looks light. In the middle of the water, a bright ball of light is floating. Slowly, I swim towards it. As soon as I reach out and touch it, it explodes and millions of fish and other sea creatures swim out of it and swirl around me. I repeat "The ocean is my home, the water is my friend" 5 times and then I slowly come out of the meditation. 

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