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Avian Shifting

The process of shifting wings.

An avian is a winged humanoid. Though wings are feathered, they share more similarities with the human arm or a bats wings. Basically, you have to be prepared to grow wings. Physical fitness is a must. As well as proper nutrition. Without those things, you cannot grow wings. Because such a task requires a healthy body that will create healthy cells to make healthy wings. I cannot stress how important it is to be healthy. It takes years to grow wings because unlike mer shifting, you have to constantly take new cells and channel them into wing. You can't just shift once a week. You have to always be shifting. If you have health problems involving the lungs or heart, definitely don't grow wings. Growing wings won't majickally make your health problems go away.

Avian F shift:

All information is from Fauna, I know nothing about avian shifting (considering I'm a mer) so I wanna thank her for all this information!

The F-Shift isn't exactly as unimportant as it seems, and most people tend to forget it. The F-Shift is when you have a picture of yourself in your final form. Like for me, my F-Shift would be a blonde haired girl with dark grey wings. If you are learning any specific abilities, like Aerokinesis, you could choose to depict that as well. But it's not neccesary in the F-Shift. You can draw the picture in your own, use a avatar creator, or just find a picture that looks close to it. The. F-Shift is important because of the fact that it helps you keep your final self in mind down to the small physical details. So don't neglect on doing your F-Shift because it seems unimportant. 

Avian M shift/techniques:
M-Shifting is all about becoming an avian psychologically. You think like an avian, talk like an avian, and act like an avian. It's a key part to Shifting as a whole. No M-Shift, no P-Shift. No P-Shift, no wings. It's that simple. M-Shifting is, and always should be, the biggest part of shifting that you do. M-Shifting isn't something you can do in a day, or even a week. It takes months to complete. For some people, it can even take years. There are a few methods to try and M-Shift successfully. I'm going to talk about three in total. Today, I'll talk about meditation. Meditation is hard for some, myself included, and I think it's the best method for those who want to unlock the avian within. Just sit down, relax, and maybe put on some natural sounds. Travel deep inside yourself, searching for your avian self. Think of how your current mind would have to change. Just make sure the entire time your body is relaxed. If you are relaxed, you can better focus on delving deep into your own mind and you might just discover something about yourself you never knew. 

M-Shift (Part Two)
Okay, I'm back today with another method of M-Shifting. This method is pretty much relying only on Phantom Wings to move you into your M-Shift. I think that Phantom wings may be hard to sense and make, but once you get deeper and deeper into your M-Shift, the phantom wings get easier and easier. Until it's to the point where they're always there. That's a good sign you are close to completing the M-Shift. I know that this is a really short entry, but I think I've explained enough when I made my phantom wings post. 

M-Shift (Part 3)
This is probably (I might add to it later) going to be the last installment of M-Shifting techniques. This post will focus on the literary version of M-Shifting. It's fairly easy, I prefer this method personally over the other methods. Thnk about what you plan do as an avian, how your life will change, how you'll learn to fly. Think about it. Then, write it out in first person as a story. Doing a MBT (Myers Briggs test) will help you grasp a better idea of your character and avian self if you answer as if you were already an avian. As your story develops, maybe share it on a site for stories, the avian community, or some close friends. Improve on your story by researching how wings would work (I will be making a post on that too eventually), what clothes you would have to wear to hide your wings, what types of food you would need to eat, ect. 

Avian PH shift: 
Phantom Wings
Phantom limbs are common among soldiers who have lost their arms or legs in battle. They still feel the limb, even though it's not there. Same principle goes for phantom wings. This is typically what most people develop during M-Shifting, but I thought I would make an article about this before I write a really long article about M-Shifting. I personally haven't used them until lately. But now that I use them a lot more, I highly suggest that you start with then as soon as possible. They're a great help with M-Shifting. And later on, P-Shifting. You feel your wings. So you become more concious of your actions with them. Like remembering to tuck in your wings a little before going through a door. Or how far you can unfold your wings, but being careful not to knock anything over. Sitting with wings, even sleeping with wings. It all ties in with M-Shifting. And a good M-Shift leads to a good P-Shift. So make sure you work hard with shifting. Because it's hard work. But if you really want it, it won't matter. 

Avian P shifting:
Steam Shifting
Steam Shifting, as the name suggest, requires a lot of steam. How you get a room full of steam is up to you.  Once you are ready, sit down and relax. Feel the steam moving around you, in your mind, see it start to take shape. See the steam condense around your back, forming wings. Watch as feathers start to form, creating a delicate pattern in the steam. The steam is them absorbed into your back, but the wings, pale and colorless, remain. Imagine color pouring into them, and that color getting brighter/darker as you add more color. Once your wings and full of color, feel them grow strong with muscle. After your wings are fully formed in your mind, start to move them around. Feel the muscles in your back twitch as they work with the muscles in your wings. Once you get a good feel for you wings, fold them up and continue with your life. 

Fire Shifting (P-Shifting)
Imagine that you are standing on the edge of a volcano. Feel the heat rolling off the magma. Slowly, step into the magma the hot lava, letting it envelop your feet. It does not burn you, but you can still feel the immense heat. Walking forward, you go deeper and deeper into the volcano. Once you are shoulders deep, go complete under. Swim around for a while before coming back to the edge of the volcano. Once you are completely out of the magma, your back burst into flames. Again, it doesn't burn you. The fire spreads, shaping into wings. The fire dies down, leaving smoldering feathers. Shaking off your wings reveals the true colors. When your wings are completely clean, fold them and continue on your way.

Water Shifting (P-Shifting)
You can choose if you want to be in water or not during this method of shifting, but I suggest it. Imagine that you are swimming in a tropical reef. Beautiful corals and fish are everywhere. Suddenly, all the fish disperse. In the distance, you see a shark-like figure approaching. On instinct, you jump put of the water,  unfurling your wings. As you soar above the water, you find that the figure was not a shark.  It's a dolphin, and that dolphin has plenty of friends. You glide on the soft ocean breeze and play with the Dolphins for hours. But you finally reach land once more and must rejoin society. You fold your wings and bid the Dolphins goodbye. 

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