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Making the Most of It-Chapter 3

Posted by Isole on October 15, 2014 at 1:00 AM

Ellie sighed as she looked down at the ground. The only thing she could see was trees and a few lakes. The mermaids and the Indians looked like ants. She noticed that they started to descend and she unwrapped her arms from around his neck. He landed on top of a cliff and she climbed off. "Ok, now that you've forcibly brought me here, what do you want?"


He crossed his arms and smiled. His eyes were twinkling mischievously. "Today." He took a step behind her. "You're gonna learn how to fly."


She laughed. "Ok, that's hilarious. Seriously, what am I doing here?"


"I just told you."


She frowned. "I don't do heights."


"Come on! It's incredible!"


She smirked. "Why do I have to fly when I have you as my own personal chauffeur?"


He rolled his eyes. "Because, you're heavy."


She glared at him. "I am not!"


He smirked. "Ok, fine. I'm not going to be around you twenty four seven, so you might need to go somewhere, or get away."


She sighed because she knew he was right. She looked down off the cliff and then back at him. "Ok, fine. I'll let you teach me how to fly."


He grinned at her. "I knew you'd come around."


"On one condition."


His shoulders slumped over and he sighed. "What do you want?"


"I need to get some of my things, so I need you to take me back home."


"And that's where exactly?"


"New York."


He sighed and nodded. "Fine, when do you wanna go?"


"Now would be good."


"Alright, get on."


She walked behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Ready?" He questioned.


"How nice of you to ask me this time. Yea, I'm ready."


He started to fly and she wrapped her arms tighter. "You know, I wouldn't have to force you if you weren't so stubborn."


"I'm not stubborn."


He nodded as they went stubborn. "You're really stubborn."


"Yea? Well you're vain."


"I don't even know what word means."


She smirked. "Maybe you would if you read a book."


"Books are-"


"Boring. You've told me before."


Ignoring her statement, he made her wrap her arms tighter. "Hold on tight. It's about to get bumpy."


Eventually, much to her relief, they landed. "Ok, listen, we're gonna have to walk from here ok? Just stay close."


He nodded and she started to walk down an alleyway. A figure appeared in the darkness and she took a shaky breath. They continued forward. "Ellie?"


She jumped at the sound of her name being called and she turned around. Peter drew his knife, and the figure came closer. "Ellie, is that you?"


She sighed in relief and gently pushed Peter's arm down. "Yes Arthur, it's me."


A man with gray hair slowly made his way closer to Them. "You haven't come to visit in a while. I've got some new books I thought would interest you."


"I'm sorry Arthur, but I won't be able to visit you anymore. Mom and dad are sending me to a boarding school, all the way in Florida. It's awful."


"I'm sorry to hear that, everyone'll miss you around here."


"I'll miss them all to."


"Goodbye, Ellie."


"See you later Arthur." The old man turned around and started to slowly walk away from them.


Ellie and Peter turned the other way and continued walking. He saw her wipe her eyes with the back of her sleeve as they walked. "Are you crying?" He asked.


She shook her head. "Not anymore."


He stopped and put his hand on her shoulder. "Why were you crying then?"


"Arthur is one of nicest people I've ever met. Now I'm just leaving him behind."


"You're having second thoughts."


She looked over at him. "No, I just feel guilty."


They continued walking for a few more blocks until she ran over to a fire escape on the side of an apartment building. He followed her and they walked up four flights of stairs. She found the correct window and prayed silently it was unlocked. For once, her prayers were answered. She climbed on top of her desk and jumped onto the floor. Peter was about to fly in, but she shook her head. "Just stay there."


He frowned slightly, but nodded anyway.


She flipped on the light switch and grabbed her Harry Potter ravenclaw satchel bag. She opened her closet and shoved in two pairs of jean shorts and one pair of jeans. She grabbed three shirts and put them in. Next she grabbed her favorite mint green hoodie and put that in. She grabbed her black vans and a pair of boots, putting them in as well. She made sure Peter wasn't looking and she grabbed a couple of bras and underwear. She pulled open one of her desk drawers and looked around for things she might need. She grabbed her flashlight, a letter opener, a pack of matches and her hairbrush. She opened the other compartments of her bag and put them all in. She walked over to her nightstand and pulled out her iPod Nano seventh generation and stared at it. She doubted Neverland had any wifi connection, but the Nano didn't really need it. It was fully charged and she tossed it in her bag. She could always come back and charge it. She looked around to make sure she hasn't forgot anything. When she was sure she didn't, she put the satchel over her shoulders and climbed back out of the window. She took a breath and looked at him. "Ok, I'm ready."


He grinned and she climbed back onto him.


When they got back, he took her to the same cliff and she climbed off him. "Seriously?"


He smirked. "You said-"


"I know what I said."


She took a breath. "Ok, what do I do?"




"Oh great."


The fairy eventually flew up next to Peter and glared at her. "Tink, we're gonna help Ellie fly." Tinkerbell turned red and chimed at him. "Come on Tink, please?"


She shook her head quickly. "Do it for me Tink, please?"


Tinkerbell sighed and flew over to her. She sprinkled some pixie dust on top of her and flew off. "Now what?"


"Well, you've gotta have faith and trust."


She rolled her eyes. "You're not gonna start singing are you?"


"No. Now think happy thoughts."


"Happy thoughts?"


He nodded and she turned to him. "We might have a slight problem."



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