The Ocean Guardians Pod
A place not only for my pod, but for mer shifters and avian shifters alike!

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Welcome to the official site of the Ocean Guardians Pod!

Thank you for considering joining our wonderful pod! 

The Ocean Guardians Pod (TOG) is a pod for tropical/traveler/open ocean mers. I strive to make this pod as fun and as welcoming as I can. Of course, I can't take all the credit, all of you have done your part. :) I know some of you have some questions about the pod, I'm just going to put some basic info down, and if you think about anything I can add, tell me! First, we'll get to the rules. 

IMPORTANT: Just because you join this website, does not mean you are in the pod.

1. No bullying, of any kind, will be accepted.

2. You have to have at least one job, it's only fair.

3. This one seems kind of lame, but please, try to keep the swearing to a minimum.

4. Don't post any false information on here. For example, no spells. I'm sure none of you would ever do that, but I'm just saying.

5. Obviously we're all different, so we might have some confrontations, but please respect each other. If you have a problem, just message me.

I've noticed some of you guys have been talking about where your going to live when you become a mermaid/merman. Now, obviously, because we're a pod, I would like for all of us to stay together, but if you would like to go off an do your own thing, that's absolutely fine! If some of you do not wish to live with pod, that is also completely fine, I won't kick you out just because you want to be on your own. :)

My goals for this pod and everyone in it:

1. Making new friendships that will hopefully last a long time. :)

2. Helping each other with shifting.

3. Developing a support system.

4. Achieving our goal to get our tails!

(More will be added soon)

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